At the core of the AutoSmoker 2000 resides a state of the art 17 amp Hoover vacuum unit, cleverly adjusted to fit in your convenient fanny pack carrying case. The pictures shown here depict our glorious prototype unit. Shortly after completion, we drove down to the border. Twenty dollars and one Spanish-English dictionary later, we got our first volunteer test subject. Jeremy, our expert legal advisor ensured us that due to the subject's past difficulties with the INS, the legal ramifications would be negligible. Thank you Jeremy!

     Jorge was immediately outfitted with our brand new vacuum unit and abdominal vent. We passed him a box of Marlboros, and the rest is history. Above is a timeless capture of the very first 7-minute box of cigarettes. We had to hold Jorge back while the photographer took a quick snap of the moment. "Don't worry Jorge, you can have another as soon as the results are documented".

     Our continued success with the AutoSmoker 2000 remains a lasting tribute to Jorge's memory.