A big thank you goes out to all the volunteers who offered to further test out the AutoSmoker 2000 after Jorge's "early retirement". Without their insightful imput and guidance, the AutoSmoker would not have become the American icon it is today. AutoSmoker 2000 has benefited people from all walks of life. Here are a few of their comments:

Regular cigarettes never handled my nicotine needs. After years of chewing and smoking at the same time, my cravings are finally being satisfied. Thank you AutoSmoker! - Tom Walton, Portland, Oregon

My son loves smoking, but his young lungs aren't powerful enough to properly absorb nicotine. After the installation of the AutoSmoker 2000, he's been coughing like a pro. - Laura Johnson, Auburn, California

As an air traffic controller, I need to get my nicotine fix in between landings. A year ago that only allowed a puff or two, but now, I'm slinging down a full pack of Camels between each plane. - Frank Norton, Chicago Illinois

I work the night shift at an oil field down in Houston. The early morning hours are long and cold, and I need something to keep me going. AutoSmoker came to my rescue - Anonymous, Houston Texas