Photos of Desert Trip (March, 2004)
across the fan across the fan 1st campsite neighboring wash eating and mating
across the fan up the hillside down the valley sewing machine? neighboring wash
colorful wash colorful wash colorful wash neighboring wash joshua trees
outhouse artwork at saline valley sphynx moth caterpillar sphynx moth aterpillar saline valley oasis lawn saline valley warm springs
saline valley warm springs library saline valley warm springs ambulance unimog in saline valley saline valley warm springs camp host, Lizard Lee hmmmm?
saline valley lower palm springs saline valley camp site saline valley camp site me in saline valley saline valley campsite facing lower warm springs
creosote bridgeport hot springs geothermally formed ridge at bridgeport hot springs bridgeport hot springs past bridgeport

The beetles shown above turned out to fluoresce! We never found glowing scorpions, but the beetles looked pretty neat. It was never determined why they all spent the night three inches above the ground atop a small plant.

There were spots in Saline Valley where it was difficult to avoid stepping on the millions of sphynx moth caterpillars. I never counted, but would estimate that the highly populated regions (which were very localized) had at least three fully grown caterpillars per square meter. All were running across the desert in search for uneaten plants of the correct species. Average caterpillar length was 2-2.5 inches.