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Custom OpenNap Installation Directions for Linux

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Downloads (right click + 'Save link as'):

"/aaa/bbb/" are whatever directories you choose to place opennap in.
1. gzip -dc opennap-0_6_9.tar.gz | tar xf -
2. Go into dir (opennap-0_69)
3. type ./configure --enable-log-channel --prefix=/aaa/bbb/servername/sbin/ --exec-prefix=/aaa/bbb/servername/sbin/
4. type make
5. type make install
6. type ./setup /aaa/bbb/servername/sbin

        a. First Question (Where should I install OpenNap?): 

Directory containing executable files: /aaa/bbb/servername/sbin/sbin
Config Dir: /aaa/bbb/servername/sbin/share/opennap

You'll have to mkdir "/aaa/bbb/servername/sbin/share" and the "opennap/" 
directory beneath that. The config files will all go into that directory.  
By default, the users and config files are written in /aaa/bbb/servername/sbin, 
but you need to create the ~/share/opennap directory and move them in there.

The "aaa", "bbb", and "servername" directories can renamed, but in they 
need to be the same in each step for the installation to work

These steps are a little more detailed than the standard installation, but 
when you're working with multiple servers, it's nice to have all the 
config and executable directories for each server in their own

This is how I install all my servers, I hope it works for you too

PS - the "--enable-log-channel" is completely optional of course.
"--enable-router" is also an option for the routing-only hubs.