Squirrel Images (2002)

Photographs by Hector Garcia-Molina. A squirrel which can be captured with a stick and an empty garbage can is no match for a hungry cat. It lived with me for 14 days, and was then transfered to a protected cage outside. After two days in the outside cage, the cage door was left open. The squirrel immediately went off to find a new nesting location, but continued to come back for food for a few weeks. Each week the amount of supplied food was decreased, and by the end, he was no longer interested in the supplied pellets.

I owe this success story to the brief amount of time he spent here in captivity. Another week and he would have never left the cage. If I had to do it again, I wouldn't handle the animal. I like to preserve wildlife, but it was so painfully tempting to hand him that first apple slice. Perhaps the next squirrel will be fed by a spray-painted elmo puppet.